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The Future of Video Surveillance: 4K HD-TVI

In the megapixel surveillance world, the need for higher definition surveillance continues to grow.

TVT Launches TD-2700-K Series 4K UHD DVRs Featuring HD-TVI 4.0 Technology

TVT (Tongwei Video Technology) Digital Technology, one of the top 5 largest surveillance DVR manufacturers in the world, has released their latest revolutionary TD-2700-K series DVRs capable of supporting 4K resolution UHD analog cameras.

Raysharp Launches New RS-D21 Series DVR With the Latest HD-TVI 4.0 Technology

Raysharp Technology, one of the largest surveillance DVR manufacturers worldwide, has launched the new RS-D21 series DVRs which feature the latest HD-TVI 4.0 technology using the TP2827 chipset from Techpoint.

Hangzhou Jufeng Technology Designs Techpoint's TP2823C and TP2833 into Their New Line of XVR DVR Platforms

Hangzhou Jufeng Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of embedded DVR solutions, has released "XVR" products, an entirely new line of embedded DVR products using HD-TVI 3.0 technology supporting HD cameras from all of the major HD analog standards, including HD-TVI, AHD, and CVI.

Hikvision's Third-Generation Turbo HD brings 4K Video to Analog Systems

Analog CCTV users can now enjoy 5MP HDTVI and 4K video resolution while safeguarding their investment with existing cabling infrastructure. Hikvision is launching its third-generation analog HD solution. Turbo HD 3.0 not only ensures higher video performance with up to 5MP HDTVI input and 4K video output but also supports latency-free 1080p HD video up to 800m and HD720p transmission up to 1200m over coaxial cable.


IDIS today unveiled its HD-TVI surveillance solution, DirectCX on its stand G700 at IFSEC International together with a fully-featured VMS, IDIS Solution Suite (ISS). The addition of an analogue HD over coaxial system and the highly flexible and scalable ISS to the IDIS line up, cements the surveillance powerhouse's promise to present the most comprehensive surveillance solution at this year's exhibition.

Hikvision Introduces HD-TVI Technology with Its TurboHD Product Line

City of Industry, CA, December 15, 2014 Hikvision USA, the North American leader in cutting edge, multiple award-winning video surveillance solutions and products, is proud to announce the launch of TurboHD, a line of cameras and recorders that utilizes High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) technology. This revolutionary technology allows users to send uncompressed, high-resolution video over coaxial cable. The TurboHD product family is comprised of full HD cameras and DVRs that offer seamless compatibility with multiple video formats, from standard definition analog to HD-TVI to megapixel IP. Other benefits of HD-TVI include absence of video delay in live viewing, bi-directional signaling, and highly efficient storage, adding up to an incredible breakthrough in the evolution of analog transmission.

TVT Launches TVI: New HD-over-Coaxial Solution

TVI and HD-SDI both are HD-over-coaxial solutions. However, bottlenecks for HD-SDI still remain, such as transmission distance, storage, and total cost. Now, TVT successfully developed the TVI solution, which is able to solve HD-SDI's previous problems by acquiring 90 percent of HD-SDI technology but conducting analogtransmission via coaxial cable. TVI can convert the digital signals to analog ones, it extends the transmission distance, reduces the total cost, and takes less storage capacity. Its distance can reach from 300 to 500 meters via coaxial cables.Furthermore,TVI transmits CVBS 75ohm analog signals, with resolution in 1080P and 720P at 30 frames per second, which is hard to be achieved by other HD-over-coaxial solutions. Users even can just change their old analog cameras and DVRs to TVI cameras and DVRs to get a brand new1080p surveillance system, which doesn't require any other special knowledge or extra labor cost.